Michèle and Bernard St-Georges

Josée and Yves,

Last June, you renovated our kitchen. We are more than pleased with the work done and wish to thank you for your excellent work. Our kitchen has undergone a great makeover. It is simply superb: everything in its place and there is a place for everything. Our satisfaction is total and we do not regret any of our decisions. From the beginning to the end, we have appreciated your patience, and professionalism, your sound advices, your attention to details and the quality of the work.

We have rarely seen a project of this size completed according to schedule which was very reasonable and above our expectations (only a week). Everything was finely tuned and your team was always on time, pleasant, courteous and very skilled.

We are delighted to recommend your company and sing your praise. We will not hesitate to use your services again.


Michèle and Bernard St-Georges
25, rue D’Orsonnens
Hull (Québec)
J8Y 6H4